Oldsmobile 442

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1967 Olds 4421967 Olds 442
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1967 Olds 442, off-frame restoration, only options are anti-spin differential and 4 speed. Black-on-black. Factory heater delete - no radio. Has full Oldsmobile factory dealer-installed Track-Pack, including battery relocation to the trunk, chrome air cleaner shroud with fresh air hoses connected to scoops in the grille, original red plastic front inner fenders, special camshaft, valve springs and all the tiny brackets, bushings and clamps. All Track-Pack components are original from 1967 except for the reproduction positive battery cable and the fresh air hoses.

Total restoration including Gardner exhaust system, spiral shocks, etc. Looks as new inside and out. Originally a red interior car, changed to black during restoration. Both original (red interior) and repro cowl tags. This is not one of the 502 factory W-30 cars, but it is one of the very few dealer-built Olds race cars sold after W-30 production stopped. Part numbers and date codes match with the exception of the rear axle housing.

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rocketbrian posted on June 4, 2015, 7:44 pm
Red interiors are rare and gorgeous. Why would anyone change to boring black and make the car incorrect as well ? Bad decision. Hurts appeal and value. Nice vehicle though. Gardner exhaust is the best.
67abody posted on March 10, 2019, 9:31 pm
It has a Fake cowl tag that the car was built around. Buyer Beware
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