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1970 442 W-30

September 10, 2013 @ 9:19 am    web source   937 views   12 pictures    Las Vegas, NV
Want something to drive on the hot rod power tour ? Freshly rebuilt 455 cu.In. Only miles on it are break in miles .I have owned this car for 29 yrs. It has a 3:23 gear with auto gear m-22 4 speed backed by a gear vendors overdrive making it an 8 speed overdrive ! Very spartan in nature , only power is steering .Am radio. New front and rear bumpers , four astro ss1 wheels go with as well as other spare parts .I have more pictures just ask . I have driven this car to two oldsmobile natls.(st louis mo. & lansing mich.) olds performance natls. (dayton ohio) woodward cruise (detroit michigan)regional olds nats. (denver colo.) this is a numbers matching engine w/ f heads, w-455 alum.Intake ,oai original air cleaner ,plastic fender wells .Poly-graphite bushings front and rear as well as newer nitrogen shocks . Perma-cool dual electric fans w/ alum. Radiator , runs around 205 degrees in the las vegas summer heat .


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