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The first major overhaul of this website occurred about 5 years ago. Since then, I've been able to publish a few new features here and there, but haven't been able to do too much. I've been watching my metrics trying to figure out what would be more beneficial to you. I noticed that 40% of my visitors come from mobile devices. Believe it or not, 2 years ago I started on trying to make the mobile experience more beneficial to you with a full redesign. It turns out when you are one guy who codes and maintains the site with a family and kids, you don't get much free time and its taken a while... a long while.

However, I believe the day has come when I have something that I can actually publish. The new version is a fully mobile friendly layout, drastic speed improvements on certain task, more user interaction on post, and a few more.Before everyone gets too excited, I need to warn that I will launch the new site in "beta". This means there is a good chancewill be some things that some things will be broken or even missing. The reason I am doing this is because I think if I let my users tell me what isn't working, it will help be prioritize what to address. This will be important since I don't get much of that free time. It's definitely not the ideal way to launch a new site but if I don't do this, I have a feeling nothing will ever get launched.

I tried to ensure all major functionality (posting, view, ranking, and commenting) are fully functional. The other unfortunate thing is when you start a project 2 years ago, by the time you are ready to launch some things are already obsolete.

With all this being said, I hope its at least an upgrade and its better then what is out there. Since I can't 100% schedule the launch because of uncertainties with my actual job, I'm going to give a tentative launch dates as Tuesday evening or Saturday. During the "upgrade" the site will be very broken. The entire process will probably take about 3-5 hours.

After a month, I'll give the option to rollback on the code (hopefully this won't be the case).

Drive on!

Please report any bugs or issues on the forum here:


I appreciate the hard work that you put into the site! Thank you for your hard work.



I did some last minute fixes and checks tonight on functions I thought were necessary. Also in the process of taking backups. Turns out this site is large! Still on target to try this upgrade tomorrow, starting around 6pm CST. I expect it to take at least 3hours.


I will be starting the upgrade as soon as I finish eating dinner here (about 30 minutes - 1 hour). During this time the site will be very broken. I hope the upgrade takes no more then a few hours.


The upgrade process will be starting.


And I think 98% of it is done! The majority of the site has been carried over! The site should load faster, look MUCH better on phones & tablets, and have a couple cool new features. Consider it like going from a 350 to a 455.

Of course, I know some features are broken or not even developed. Bugs will get the priority and hopefully I can continue to add cool new stuff. Enjoy!

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