Oldsmobile 442

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1967 Oldsmobile 4421967 Oldsmobile 4421967 Oldsmobile 4421967 Oldsmobile 4421967 Oldsmobile 4421967 Oldsmobile 4421967 Oldsmobile 4421967 Oldsmobile 4421967 Oldsmobile 442
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Concours Grade and scored 1 out of 5, (1 being the best of the best). Absolutely beautiful 1967 Oldsmobile 442.

Featuring a lightly modified, 425cu.in V8. Matching and correct 4-spd transmission with Hurst Shifter and Gear Vendors Overdrive. Rebuilt posi-traction differential, and still possesses it's original interior that is in fantastic condition.

She's absolutely stunning in every way, performs fantastic across the board, and is a rare find in this condition and price point.

It's clear that it's been VERY well maintained and cared for and restored as needed over it's lifetime. Having received the highest level of care with the utmost pride and love for this machine by the few owners who were fortunate enough to have it to call their own.

Based on the factory unfinished paint inside the doors, she appears to have been repainted with the original paint code, base coat & clear coat beautifully.

The glass, trim, bumpers, seals, etc. has all been replaced or restored. There's really nothing on the car to be mentioned that hasn't been touched and addressed as needed and when needed, over the years.

**More information & documents are available by request for the serious potential buyers.**
This car, by far is one of the cleanest, highest scored, well maintained, and most beautiful '67 442's you'll ever come across.

Please enjoy the pictures and info. Videos can be made available as well. Thank you ahead of time for any positive interests and feedback.

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19% under 11k

33% between 22k and 33k

24% between 33k and 44k

10% between 44k and 55k

14% over 44k

* These values are based off the 103 1967 442s that have been posted on this site.

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