Oldsmobile Hurst Olds

July 27, 2019 @ 2:21 pm anonymous 1,284 views 0 pictures Fort Worth , TX
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2 owner 13k mile unrestored ‘69 H/O! Original....paint, tires, wheels, drivetrain, mint interior olds! 17 options incl. a/c, tilt, lamp in rear view mirror, etc, ordered tach delete by original woman owner. Dash plaque owners name that matches paperwork, great documentation. Original unused spare/SS II wheel/jack. Original block, D heads, J intake, W & Z exhaust manifolds, everything works, glove box signed by Linda Vaughn inside/outside box, most decals are still on the parts, doors, trunk lids, etc. I even have the original battery and still has its first oil filter on. Parked since ‘84. Dash, package tray which is exposed to sun, are immaculate! Broadcast card found by me attached to backseat springs! Since it sat for awhile, there is rust at the bottom of both front fenders behind the wheels but no bigger than the stripes at bottom or the rocker panel. Still has almost perfect transmission tag, original rear end metal limited slip tag, firewall inspection stamps (you can tell that all identifying tags and stickers are original). Family bought for son for his return from Vietnam but KIA 11 days in laos before his return. Please contact me for pics of car and documents, there’s a problem with this site, not letting me upload pics. First $73,500.00 takes it and will deliver free for first 1,000 miles, $1.00/mile afterwards. Negotiable a little. there only, so far, 2 known lower mile examples..one 11k mile, the other, 12k mile owned by one owner... I have the 13k mile. ITS ONLY ORIGINAL ONCE! That’s what the OCA judges told me!

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39% between 38k and 57k

33% between 57k and 76k

22% between 76k and 95k

6% over 76k

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