Oldsmobile 442

November 09, 2017 @ 6:25 pm SellingW27Rear 4,821 views 6 pictures FairField, NJ
Rare W27 RearRare W27 RearRare W27 RearRare W27 RearRare W27 RearRare W27 Rear
We’re sorry, but this has expired and is no longer for sale.

This is a once in a life time opportunity to buy a extremely rare Oldsmobile rear.

This is a W27 Rear 1 of 355 ever made. This rear has 3.91 gears. It is SZ stamped on the passenger axle tube. The rear timing cover was removed and rear inspected my a GM Certified Class Technician. Full inspection sheet filled out. This rear is in Extremely Excellent Shape! Determined to be a low mileage rear. Fluid is original with whale oil additive. Does not even smell!!

A rear like this just doesn't come up for sale! When you add a rear like this to your Oldsmobile, you can expect it the add a significant value to your Oldsmobile!

There is no disappointments with this. Asking $15.000 or B/O


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Joffroi posted on November 9, 2017, 9:44 pm
That's a great looking rear.
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18% under 12k

28% between 24k and 36k

28% between 36k and 48k

11% between 48k and 60k

14% over 48k

* These values are based off the 235 1970 442s that have been posted on this site.

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