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1970 Oldsmobile 442 with 2 motors1970 Oldsmobile 442 with 2 motors1970 Oldsmobile 442 with 2 motors1970 Oldsmobile 442 with 2 motors1970 Oldsmobile 442 with 2 motors1970 Oldsmobile 442 with 2 motors1970 Oldsmobile 442 with 2 motors1970 Oldsmobile 442 with 2 motors1970 Oldsmobile 442 with 2 motors1970 Oldsmobile 442 with 2 motors1970 Oldsmobile 442 with 2 motors
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If you don't have the cash or need to kick it back and forth for a month PLEASE save us the time and trouble and don't contact until you are sure or have the cash. I just don't have the time to deal with questions from buyers who are not able financially or physically to own this car.

This a real 442 folks, not a clone or S. The first 7 of VIN is the same as every other 442. So for those who don't know how to spot one the vin on a 1970(1965 thru 1971 models are the same) 442 should start with 34487 for a hardtop(Holiday Coupe) or 34467 for the convertible followed by the model year so for 70 it would be 0 then the plant designation such as M for Lansing. That said any 1970 442 Hardtop built in Lansing will have a vin sequence of first 6 digits as-- 344870M.

1979 and EARLIER Camaro, Firebird, Trans Am. Thats it, those are the only cars I'm interested in trading and as always trade value is higher than cash.

Selling a 1970 Oldsmobile 442. Automatic transmission, 85k miles, Non A/C car. Car has a 455 out of a early 70's car in it now but I also have the numbers motor on a stand that will go with. Car is factory painted Aspen Green and the paint job isn't show winning but it's also not bad. Definitely a nice driver paint job. Original owner painted the car 15 years ago and it's sat ever since.

Car has 85k miles documented by registration details. I am going to list most of everything I have done, whats new and whats included. Be advised I also have the original to everything I have upgraded and then some. Body is decent on car, it was previously repaired with patch panels in the rear by previous owner. Front fenders, doors, floor boards, trunk etc are all solid in this car. please don't expect a frame off restoration, your buying a helluva nice driver and priced in the driver range. Same cars on ebay needing full resto are going for same price so this should be an easy sale.

Car was originally a base 442 with bench and column. Previous owner swapped in buckets, and console. The column was never swapped or speedo so to make it a true bucket/console those will need addressed. Dash in car was original but it had a nice crack so I had it swapped out with same color however new one had 2 small screw holes from a compass or something but otherwise it's flawless. I have every bit of trim for the car and doubles of some. Sport wheel is decent with some grain and no stickyness. Rally pack gauges are in great shape, everything works on them. All lights on the car have been replaced and are in working order.

Now for the goodies. Everything listed below is NEW on car with limited mileage.
Current Engine is a early 70's 455 with big Valve C heads.

Edelbrock performer air gap
Edelbrock 800 cfm performer carb
Edelbrock valve covers
Holly chrome breather
Davis Unified billet blueprinted distributor HEI
Lunati 60805 cam, lifters and pushrod kit
Cloyes double roller gears/chain kit
Headman headers
Magnaflow 3.5" stainless stell full exhaust with X pipe
Edelbrock water pump
Aluminum billet adjustable mini racing starter
New battery
Radiator overflow jug
4 core aluminum radiator
Power steering reinforced lines(PS pump has the single groove pully)
Tubular upper/lower control arms
Moog upper/lower ball joints
Billet adjustable sway end links
Moog front springs
Sensa-trac premium shocks on all 4
AGR Billet quick ratio gear box(makes steering so much better)
(Complete brake kit all the way around)
Rotors, Shoes, Pads, Drums, Spring kit, Calipers, Hoses, bearings, Lines, distribution block, master cylinder, etc ALL NEW.
Goodmark Repo backing plates for front(never installed)
Package Tray(never installed)
Head liner(never installed)
Heater Core(never installed)
17" Torque Thrust M wheels (black on polished Lip) Mikey Thompson Street Comp tires on all 4. 300 miles on them all.
Rear bumper(repo good quality)
OAI hood(Glasstek) w/ repo locks from TPP
Door handles(repo but nice)
Full rear disc conversion kit from SSBC
Full weather stripping kit, doors, roof rail, trunk, hood etc.
Half window chrome trim/weatherstripping kit. Repo but decent quality parts.
Pioneer high quality HD radio in glove box w/ 6x9 speakers in rear
Tie rods, center links, bushings are all new on front.
I also have a full exhaust header wrap kit that will go with the car. It's a double roll with all the hardware.
Fresh alignment done 3 weeks ago.
I also have a brand new bumper for a 71 that will go with this as I accidentally ordered wrong year. Current front bumper is decent though.
I also have a set of factory 14" wheels and the original spare in trunk if you want to switch back from the aftermarket wheels/tires.
Currently has the chrome turn down tips on it however I have another sit of chrome tips for side exit as well as an original set of trumpets for the car. The trumpets were much smaller than the magnaflow exhaust so I didn't have them installed as it would look like crap going from 3.5" down to the little trumpet diameter. Also, the guy who welded the exhaust didn't do the greatest of jobs. He left a few spots that didn't get welded. I will more than likely get this taken care of before it sells but in case I don't I am throwing it out there.

Car came with a 3:42 rear end. It had sat so long that the rear bearings in the car were roaring. I had a backup rear end and I slapped it in. So it currently has a 2:78 rear end in it which is great for highway driving and gas mileage. It's night and day though as far as power goes. With the 3:42 in it even a small push on gas would cause the tires to blow off the back for a block or more until you let off. With the 2:78 the tires will still go crazy just not as bad or as long. I may or may not have the bearings replaced in the factory rear, just depends on when I do it and if the car sales first.

The car has amazing power. I was thoroughly impressed with the power, torque and handling this motor puts out. I have it timed on the conservative side, add in a little more and it would get even more power. I have only put roughly 300 miles on the car since I added all the goodies above. It sits in the garage for the most part. Everything on car works, gas mileage is great for the car. Frame is solid, over all it's a clean car for 43 years old. I also had the car rust proofed by a company on the south side. So in any count it will never get any worse than it ever was.

Car drives extremely smooth and straight. Exterior the car needs touched up. it needs the vinyl top installed, it needs some spots touched up where I spot glazed over a scratch I made and a few other nicks. Interior needs new covers on the buckets and headliner installed and other touch up items. Overall with a little time and effort this would make someone a helluva weekend cruiser, nightly strip cruiser, suds car or even a slick graduation present for that student of yours.

Think it over, weigh your options and finances and if you want to come check it out get ahold of me. We can go take it for a spin and when we get to 10 people giving compliments, thumbs up or gawking over it we will come back. Should be a 5 minute ride or so :)
No but seriously, the car gets alot of attention, looks, compliments and ladies checking it out. Just sayin!

Hood is painted black gel coat. Have original factory hood in Aspen Green to match as well

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