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We’re sorry, but this has expired and is no longer for sale.

This is a factory 350 / Auto / AC car. Purchased from the original owner who drove it up until early this year when she was put into a nursing home. Truly a Barn Find / Time capsule / survivor. Great running condition. Original upholstery. Odometer shows 13k and this could BE 13k, 113k, etc. Throughout the original service records I can see that the odometer showed 6k in 1998, so it went 7k miles in 20 years. The car spent its entire life in Knoxville/Maryville Tennessee and we get around 5 days of snow a year so not much rust. Some surface rust is around it but no real structural rust. May be original paint. Comes with Original manuals, certicard, original dealer invoice and receipt.

Car is located in Knoxville TN. Clean Title on hand. I have hundreds of photos I can send over too.

350 Engine with original carburetor works well. I'd put money on that its numbers matching/original as it even has the stock gold valve covers!
Transmission shifts smooth
Power Steering
Manual Brakes
4 wheel drum brakes
E brake works well
The car sometimes has a belt squeal at startup but I'm sure the belt just needs to be tightened. I would replace it as well.

New Ignition coil
Newly installed and adjusted points
Brand New tires with under 100 miles on them. Comes with Warranty registration card and receipts
New Battery
New Spark Plugs new
Freshly changed Transmission fluid and filter
Fresh Oil and FIlter change
Chassis lube

Original factory Galleon Gold color
Factory Non vinyl top car
Has surface rust around it. May be original paint.
Trunk is solid
Stickers on under side of trunk lid are original and show original paint
Original Trunk/Door/Ignition keys that work well
Comes with original Wheels with tires and 4 hubcaps in the trunk. The currently installed wheels are the same gold color and have brand new tires. The installed wheels are 15's.
Minor rust around but nothing structural
I believe the floors are all solid but I have not fully jacked it up to check
No cracks in glass
Small chip in windshield on drivers side
Seals around doors look to all be original and are pretty toast, which may be why there is some rust on the driver door jam
Body is not perfect. It has scratches and wear around it.

Looks to be original upholstery
Original lap and shoulder seat belts
Coat hooks in place
Original Dealer or Factory installed "Oldsmobile" branded rubber floor mats
Factory AC appears to be all there and air kicks on from the thermostat but doesn't really get cold. Not sure if it is R12 or was converted to R134A
Heater works well
Headliner is original and complete but one seam across in the rear is ripped so the 2 flaps are pointed down. You can see under the headliner that the underside of the roof looks clean with no rust as this is not a factory vinyl top car. Cardboard headliner about it is also in place. This speaks to the originality of the car.
Carpet looks to be all original and has factory/dealer installed protection matts.
Rear package tray is original and is toast. The old lady covered it with some carpet/fabric
May be original fabric
Original Passenger sun visor mirror came with car but was removed and broken.

Map light works
Floor light works
Rearview mirror light works
All dash idiot lights work
Dash lighting works
Trunk light works
Dome light doesn't work, but is likely just a bulb
Headlights work
High beams work, but one bulb is out
Windshield wipers work well

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17% under 6k

27% between 12k and 18k

27% between 18k and 24k

14% between 24k and 30k

14% over 24k

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