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January 09, 2016 @ 3:29 pm w45stick 3,941 views 4 pictures Hamden, CT
1970 F85 RALLYE 3501970 F85 RALLYE 3501970 F85 RALLYE 3501970 F85 RALLYE 350
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watch?v=wiMwHQPl2MQ Videos of her idling!!!!
Go on youtube and watch these. Ebay wont let me add the link. Or you can look up my name on youtube, rallyesally and there is two videos.

Reluctantly I am selling off one of my collection cars due to space. I am an avid Oldsmobile enthusiast and well known in the Oldsmobile world and have been collecting, restoring, documenting and selling Oldsmobiles for the last 20 plus years. I recently retired from Law Enforcement after a very rewarding and blessedn career, and now my car collection has grown to 6 cars and I am adding another shortly so The garage bay for the Rallye will be needed. If you would like more information feel free to contact me but I ask only serious inquiries only and no dreamers. My collection of Oldsmobiles includes, Rallyes,W30s,W31s and rare 442s and I am very picky with my cars and service them personally in my Shop. My rallye is an excellent car, with an older resotoration but still a near perfect 5-10 footer.

PAPERWORK PAPERWORK PAPERWORK...My cars all have documention as I am anal and love collecting info such as, buildsheets, window stickers, dealer invoices, shipping reports and protecto plates along with ownership history and photos. My Rallye is no exception and she has a dealer shipping invoice showing all the options in layout form much like a wndow sticker, she has a protecto plate and various other items. I dont and will never collect non documented cars and I take great pride in my cars history and background.

NUMBERS MATCHING!!!!!!!! This specific Rallye is 100% numbers matching, specifically, ENGINE AND TRANS and as you know the vin was not stamped in the rear end but its the correct and original coded SF 3.23 Posi rear with the correct Julian dates and has never been changed or swapped.

The engine was recently overhauled and was built to W31 specs as I prefer the performance and sound of a W31 350 vs a standard 4V OAI 350. Engine runs super strong and has less then 1000 miles on her. The car is super quick and a blast to drive and as many people wish they had or badly want, this cars a stick. This Rallye tranfers her power via the original numbers matching M20 4 Speed. The beautiful sound of the OAI 350 is music coming out of a 2.5" flowmaster exhaust and is truly music to your ears. Distributor has been upgraded to a HEI and the intake which changed to a dominator but painted Olds gold and blends in nicely. Shes also has her mechanical fan and a back up electric thermostatic fan hidden that helps with the super hot summers and traffic conditions. This car literally never overheats. See videos above to hear the healthy W31 spec built motor. W45s aka Rallyes were never offered witht he W31 engine but during the overhaul I had her engine built to stock W31 specs minus the HEI, intake and Roller Rockers. Cars pulls like a monster and feels scary above 3000 rpms. Super super fun!!!

Cars steers nice, handles great, brakes great and is mechanically up to date. Shes also has power disc brakes!!! All lights and gauges work including gas gauge and speedo. Also the original Radio Works!!!!

The body is super straight and no rust or rot. The floors and trunk are solid and nice. The paint is older and maybe 15-20 year old paint. Its just starting to show some chips and cracks and minor checking only on the black hood stripes. Oddly when she was restored the stripe kit was painted on rather then being a decal but appears fine and I never bothered to change it. Minor cracks in paint near hood pins which is super common in RAM AIR Oldsmobiles due to the fiberglass skin of the steel hood. Hood is an original W25 Hood and not a re-pop aftermarket flimsy one. The air cleaner is original and not a repop along with the sport mirrors, sport wheel and spoiler.

Interior is super nice and original, Bench seat is very nice and car has a brand new professionally installed headliner and a perfect rare F85 non vent dash with no cracks at all. ALSO THE ORIGINAL AM radio still works and is a blast to listen to. Down memory lane

Car is very original and did I mention SHES A SPORT COUPE F85 Rallye. Not a Hardtop. This car is much much more rare then a typical hardtop Rallye and add it being a 4 speed and shes truly a great car for investment and pleasure purposes
F-85 Club coupe 1,020
Cutlass Sport coupe 160
Cutlass S Holiday coupe 2,367
Total Production 3,547
Shes is 1 of 1,020 made and of that according to most statistics probably only 20-30% of those were 4 speeds. So how many documented, numbers matching, 4 speed F85 Rallye 350s could possibly be left? Im going to safely guess mine and very few other ones!!!
PRICE IS $27,000 and worth every penny. Email or message me for more info or call number listed below. I will also post some videos on youtube.
Sal-203-889-2959 Do not call after 11PM EST

No titles needed or provided in CT but I do have the previous owners title signed over to me and ready to be reassigned to the new owner. Car will come with all her original paperwork and a bill of sale from me the owner.

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