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July 30, 2018 @ 7:59 pm YoungOldsLover 2,471 views 10 pictures Holy Cross, IA
1971 Cutlass S1971 Cutlass S1971 Cutlass S1971 Cutlass S1971 Cutlass S1971 Cutlass S1971 Cutlass S1971 Cutlass S1971 Cutlass S1971 Cutlass S
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For sale is a 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass S with a 455 and th400. I bought the car as a project but after getting it onto the road I've realized I don't have as much time as I hoped to drive it and enjoy it as I have another 71 Cutlass restoration project that is taking up all my time.
The car was repainted roughly 8 years ago and had sat indoors undriven after the previous owner passed away, after I bought it my goal was to get it road worthy once again and enjoy it as a nice cruiser. The paint is in really good condition with having basically zero miles on it, it's not perfect and there are a few small flaws but the body is laser straight with no rust and the paint still looks amazing. With the car having had the paint job done 8 years ago, if there was going to be any rust it would have bubbled through by now, but there is no bubbling so you know it's a straight car. This spring I also did a complete paint detail that helped really bring out the shine and looks great!
Over the past 2 years I have worked on getting the car to a drivable condition and as of this spring it is fully road worthy and drives great.
The car has new: new head gaskets with completely rebuilt heads (cost $800), new timing chain, intake manifold gaskets, brand new remanufactured original quadrajet carb, complete engine tune-up, all brakes were gone through, new upper and lower ball joints, new sway bar bushings, and all new weather-stripping, along with A LOT of other smaller things that would take an hour to type out but that's the main stuff. I also had brand new cooper tires and freshly painted 15" Oldsmobile rally rims put on last fall and they currently have less than 500 miles on them. The engine sounds like it has an aftermarket lopey cam and sounds good but I never checked any numbers or manufacturer when I had it apart.

The cars runs, drives, and looks great going down the road but there are a few things that need finished on it yet. It needs an interior put in it, comes with a decent dash, a good headliner and a torn but useable original bench seat that are all currently in the car. I do have door panels that will be thrown in but they aren't in the best of condition but they will work. I also have the rear seats that are in great condition but everything else in the interior is missing, but door panels, carpet, etc, are readily available through aftermarket companies. The car is also missing the vinyl top and the stainless moldings, both of which are also available through online companies. The trim and vinyl top aren't necessary but might help if you want a show car.

The car does have a small leak, nothing major just a few drips that will leave a small spot on the floor from the transmission gasket I'm thinking.

In some of the pictures the front grille, stone shield, and headlight housing are not on the car, but I had a spare set of all these parts laying around so I painted them black and installed them, they aren't perfect but they look good and match with the rest of the car great. I also have a pint of the original paint that can be used to paint new front end parts or even the room if you would so choose.

This would make a great weekend cruiser for someone, it's a car you can jump in and enjoy and don't have to worry about a little rock chip here or there but still get all the looks at a cruise in. Asking $9,500 obo

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