Oldsmobile Cutlass S

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1971 Oldsmobile Culass S1971 Oldsmobile Culass S1971 Oldsmobile Culass S1971 Oldsmobile Culass S1971 Oldsmobile Culass S1971 Oldsmobile Culass S1971 Oldsmobile Culass S1971 Oldsmobile Culass S
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You are looking at a 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass 'S'. This vehicle is very special to me as it was passed down in the family to me when I was just beginning to drive. A family member of mine purchased this vehicle brand new from the show-room floor from an Oldsmobile dealership in Kansas City, MO. They kept the vehicle for about 9-10 years and had a death in the family and did not drive the vehicle since, as it sat in a barn since 1980 or so. I got the car in 2002-2003 and towed it home and restored is from the ground up. It has been my every day driver but looks and is in mint condition as it was very well built and very well maintained. It has about 165,000 miles on it. I got it when it had about 140,000. It is mostly all original, with some tweaks and updates with parts from a 442. The original paint was more dark tan/burnt orange, was repainted in 2004 with metallic and brighter orange (specifically called Sunburst Orange) and has never been waxed, but the paint looks brand new. I replaced the original bumper with a 442 bumper and updated to dual exhaust for the cut outs in the bumper. The rear and front shocks have been replaced and it does have air shocks in the rear to raise and lower the back end. The original hood was replaced with a 442 fiberglass hood with hood scoops, however, does not have the ram-air air cleaner to add the extra horsepower. The front and back glass has been replaced but the side windows both front and back are original. The engine has been chromed with the air cleaner, valve covers, valve stems, oil cap, and alternator. The famous Rocket 350 engine has been rebuilt and sent to a machine shop about 5 years ago. The interior is brown and has all been replaced new, originally had a bench seat but was replaced with bucket seats and a console shifter. The steering column shifter is still in tact though and I have yet to put the console in but do have it ready to install. It has about 240-250 horsepower and has had a 4 barrel carburetor installed for extra performance. The intake has been updated and has recently gotten a tune-up with new spark plugs, oil change, etc.

Please serious buyers only. The price is somewhat firm, I am willing to negotiate slightly but this car means more to me and my family and has many many memories and stories that go along with it.

Feel free to text/call/or email in reply to this post and you may come by and look at it whenever you would like.

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