Oldsmobile Cutlass S

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1971 Cutlass 442 Clone1971 Cutlass 442 Clone1971 Cutlass 442 Clone1971 Cutlass 442 Clone1971 Cutlass 442 Clone1971 Cutlass 442 Clone1971 Cutlass 442 Clone1971 Cutlass 442 Clone1971 Cutlass 442 Clone1971 Cutlass 442 Clone1971 Cutlass 442 Clone
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1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass S - 442 Clone

Low Mileage very clean unmolested 2-owner car. All original wiring is there and uncut. Everything works; all lights, horn, heater, fan, etc except for the stock AM Radio.

Rebuilt 350 2-barrel engine (previous owner) runs extremely strong and doesn't leak a drop of oil. Replaced parts by previous owner; starter, water pump, alternator, radiator, hoses and belts. Power steering, power brakes and A/C (A/C is complete). New Dual exhaust with Flow Masters and 442 trumpet exhaust tips. To my surprise the car will fry the 12" wide rear tire through 1st gear.
Turbo 350 Transmission doesn't leak oil and shifts as it should.

I had the car painted close to the original color and the body had two rust spots; one in lower right front fender and one in the lower left rear quarter panel behind the wheel. Both spots were cut out and replaced with metal. I removed the original vinyl top and to my surprise I uncovered a rust free roof so I had the vinyl trim holes welded and the top prepped for paint. The car was then scuffed and repainted in its original metallic blue paint color. Trunk and floor pans are completely rust free. The car looks amazing with its blue finish, re-chromed bumpers, refinished trim, 20" chrome wheels and it's lowered stance.

The glass is in excellent condition and all the weather stripping has been replaced.

The dark blue interior is mostly original and was in good condition except for the typical dried out stitching in the seats, headliner and visors so I replaced the carpet, armrest pads, package tray, headliner, visors and reupholstered the seat bottoms and tops to match the original color and pattern. The dash is all original with no cracks and it has the original AM Radio.

The suspension has been lowered front and rear with new KYB shocks. I replaced the suspension upper/lower Ball joints upper, centerlink, inner/outer tie rods and idler arm.

Front and rear disc brakes are functioning correctly with new replacement semi metallic brake pads and new master cylinder. The car handles and stops like a new car.

Wheels are Ridler Chrome 20x8.5 and 20x10 with new tires.

All the Cutlass emblems have been removed and replaced with new 442 bagging. It also has the 442 dual exhaust bumper.

Could be used as a daily driver or for weekend use

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