Oldsmobile Cutlass SX

November 05, 2016 @ 4:59 pm web source 6,325 views 2 pictures Jacksonville, FL
1971 Olds Cutlass SX Convertible1971 Olds Cutlass SX Convertible
We’re sorry but while this car may still be available, this ad had expired.

1971 Olds Cutlass S/X Convertible!!!!! This is an offer you cant pass if your looking for a big block convertible, you wont find another out there at this price, you just wont. If you know what an S/X is I wont have to say much more if you are unfamiliar with it please check out one for sale out item number 201695083840 on E-bay now or google the car as they are the rarest cars Olds made with only 371 convertibles produced in 1971, Rare Rare Rare. It has many sought after options including A/C--P/W--Tilt--In Dash Tac--fold down arm rest on bench seat-- and many more. It is a true mussel car with the power of a 455/automatic under the hood which is good because everytime you stop someone wants to check it out, always good conversation, fun car to drive. Its a solid original 2nd owner car with documentation from service records dating back to 1984 with the title from that year as well. There are some rust spots in the usual places that need to be attended and it will need new paint as well, some TLC would go a long way but it drives nice looks good and is a great investment that will only increase in value. The car in located in St Augustine and not advertised anywhere else but here for now so come take a look you wont be disappointed

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rocketbrian posted on November 6, 2016, 10:00 pm
How about some more pictures? A fine looking car for sure.
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44% between 21k and 28k

19% between 28k and 35k

7% over 28k

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