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1972 Olds 442 Project1972 Olds 442 Project1972 Olds 442 Project1972 Olds 442 Project1972 Olds 442 Project1972 Olds 442 Project1972 Olds 442 Project1972 Olds 442 Project1972 Olds 442 Project1972 Olds 442 Project
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I bought this car in the spring of 1992. It had approximately 75,000 miles on it then and currently has almost 102,000 on it now. During research over the years I have discovered this a Cutlass S with a dealer installed 442 package. Badges, spoiler, anti sway bars, and stripes. The stripes are no longer visible, because the car used to be gold with black stripes. I bought it white. 350 Rocket, 4 barrel, power front disc brakes, Automatic, Center console shift with bucket seats.

I had intended to restore this car since I bought. I drove it quite a bit for some time then parked it. Time has slipped by too fast and I am not going to get back to it anytime soon. Other priorities have come up. The car needs a lot of work, I'm not going to lie. The entire trunk needs to be redone. and some floor panels now due to sitting too much. There are good aftermarket replacement parts for these cars now. I do have some extras that go with the car. Two good fenders, a stock Cutlass hood, a rear trunk lid, a front bumper. The car has 14" steel rallies on it now, but I have a set of four 15" rallies for it as well. The wheels are apart and ready to be sand blasted and re done to match. The 15" tires (not pictured) are decent, but I wouldn't rely on them. They will be included. I have some misc, trim etc. I know some guys are "re tagging" salvaged cars like this and re selling them. This one has a clean and clear title. I will NOT separate the parts from the car or vice versa. I had a guy want the car just for the tags and title, (he didn't want the parts). A pile of parts with no car doesn't do me much good. You have to take it ALL.

It ran really well when I parked it. Stopped driving due to a bad brake line. I can't remember which one. Best to replace them all in my book. Battery is bad. Last time it ran the fuel filter was leaking bad. I know it wouldn't take much to get her running again. I'm sure there is someone very talented, out there with a lot more time than I have, that would love this project. Not looking for trades or other projects, sorry. Asking $3000 OBO. Come take a look. Bring cash and a trailer. Thanks for looking.

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