Oldsmobile 442

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The 1972 Olds 442 was an option package. It has to have the W29 code on the build sheet or an X in the VIN to determine authenticity. I DO NOT HAVE THE BUILD SHEET. Therefore, we have to consider that my car could be a 442 CLONE. There were not a lot of people cloning back 20 to 30 years ago so it was never a concern of mine.

If you want a driver and want fun everytime you turn the key then this is your car!! Make no mistake this car is clean and mechanically sound!

I have been the owner of the car since 1998. I purchased the car in Michigan where I was living. The mileage on the car is 56k. This car does not have AC. The car has a MI (Michigan) Vin # which means the car was reconstructed over 20 years ago in Michigan where I bought it. THIS IS NOT A SALVAGE CAR OR TITLE. I have driven it about 4 thousand miles since I have owned it. It has always been stored or garage kept. I moved back to the Carolinas in 2014 and had the 455 motor stripped down, machined and bored with everything new top to bottom. I had the work done in a machine shop known for Olds engine work in Hendersonville, NC. The motor has about 1000 miles on it since the work.

This is not a show car. It is ready to run and run strong. I have attached some of the pics that I had handy from when I pulled it out of the warehouse to drive it and have the oil changed as well. Do not email and ask what I want for the car. You can come see it, drive it and make me an offer if you are interested.

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