Oldsmobile 442

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1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4421972 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4421972 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4421972 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4421972 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4421972 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442
We’re sorry, but this has expired and is no longer for sale.

* 455 CI motor has been disassembled and resealed and all new peripheral components (starter, alternator, motor mounts, water pump, radiator hoses, distributor cap/rotor, spark plugs & wires, and fuel pump)
* 400 transmission has been resealed
* Mechanically in good condition (turn-key and go) ... Cruise the highway at 75 mph all day,
* All original interior (bucket seats with center console) with high options such as rear defrost, trunk unlatch button in glove box, "fasten seat belt" light on dash, close-ratio steering gear box, & sport steering wheel
* Brakes are in good shape new brake booster & master cylinder, Replaced front coil springs, AC has not been hooked up but all components are there
* No body work has been done and it needs patch panels for the rear lower quarters and front fenders, Have all the chrome trim pieces taken off
* No time to finish and has been sitting in storage for the past 6 months

$9,000 OBO

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14% under 8k

25% between 16k and 24k

29% between 24k and 32k

17% between 32k and 40k

15% over 32k

* These values are based off the 190 1972 442s that have been posted on this site.

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