Oldsmobile Hurst Olds

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1984 Hurst Olds1984 Hurst Olds1984 Hurst Olds1984 Hurst Olds1984 Hurst Olds
We’re sorry, but this has expired and is no longer for sale.

Hurst Olds. This car has a professionally rebuilt 1977 Olds 350 engine and transmission. New headers and stainless exhaust. Original sales documents and window sticker, Hurst Olds Club certification, and GM Historical records. This car was built with a factory installed moon-roof, which makes it one of a very few with this option, as most were built with t-tops. 89,000 miles. Car #2830 of 3500. I have the original 307 engine, which goes with the car. Serious inquiries only. No trades.

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9% under 4k

37% between 8k and 12k

26% between 12k and 16k

19% between 16k and 20k

8% over 16k

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