Oldsmobile 442

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1986 Oldsmobile 4421986 Oldsmobile 4421986 Oldsmobile 4421986 Oldsmobile 4421986 Oldsmobile 442
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This is a well-preserved '86 442. My parents bought this new in 1986, and it has just under 43,000 ORIGINAL miles. It looks great, runs great, and sounds awesome. Paint is original, and looks good for it's age. Being almost 30 years old, there are some scratches, and the interior has some broken plastic pieces that need to be replaced (T-Top molding, drivers seat belt cover, etc). However, overall this is a beautiful car. Oil was recently changed, and tires are new. Radiator was replaced about 4 years ago. Text or call for questions, or to set up an appointment to see it - serious inquiries only, please.

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72ucode posted on July 10, 2015, 12:33 pm
Why would you give this car a thumbs down? Nice options, t-top, low miles, and a decent price. Nice color combo, too. Hits all the marks with me.
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