1968 Canadian 442 W36 Stripe location mystery solved?


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For those that didn't know, the "442" fender emblems on 1968 cars are in different places depending on if the car was ordered with the W36 stripe option. If you had the option, the emblem was must closer to the door. Below are examples.

Without the stripe ordered

Image title

With the stripe ordered

Image title

However, for there has been multiple debates about Canadian built 1968 442s and their location of the W36 stripe if it was ordered. Many owner's claimed that 442s built in Canada with the stripe did not actually have the "442" emblem moved back closer to the driver.

Finally, someone with a 1968 Canadian 442 with a W36 also has the documentation to show that it originally came from the factory. I'll post pictures from the example car if they get posted.


yes as many are in the wrong placesuch as mine. Never heard of Canada cars' numerals not being moved but obviously possible


Unfortunately he still hasn't posted the docs. Dr. Dan swore his was original but when he got the paperwork is wasn't listed

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