"Found" My Fisher Broadcast Card


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I pulled this card off the underside of the rear seat shortly after I bought the 442 in 2003. It didn't seem tohave any writing on it so I didn't give it much thought. Just stuck it in a baggie and left it in the front pocket of the three ring binder that I have my Assembly Manual in. I had found a similar looking tagin the back of the 69 driver's bucket seat that currently resides in my car. All it had was a date on it. I assumed that's what mine would have. I even tried looking at it with a magnifying glass and the most I could make out was a "2" on it. Yesterday I saw this post:


I didn't think much of it but when I saw the post by rob1960 something clicked. I remembered the only print on mine was GREEN too. And rob1960's card had OPTION CODES.

I pulled that little paper out again and started to look in the locations where rob1960's had writing and sure enough mine had it there too. Not enough to make out any characters by eye or with a magnifying glass though so I brought it to work today and scanned it on High Resolution. Now I can make out the following:

????? 22-6
(can't read the body number but there's something in this space)
3??? ??0 B2
W29 U80 ???

Now all I need is someone with a CSI connection to figure out the rest of mine

So don't ever throw ANYTHING out.

BTW, if anyone knows what W29 means, please let me know. It's on rob1960's 442 convertible, 72xw30's H/O, and mine. It is not listed as a 68 option code.

This really isn't a whole lot more info than your cowl tag shows but pretty cool to find something just the same

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