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Irecently purchased the Cutlass Bumper Jack Part OPGI #CH27963, and when I went to put the Jack Shaft Insulator, Rubber on the OPGI Part #C230044 onto the jack shaft it is too large (see attached photo; the sleeve on the left is for the lug wrench) by close to an inch. The jack shaft is 4 1/8" in circumference, and the insulator is 5" in circumference. In photo I saw in the Fusick catalog the rubber insulator fits snug on the jack shaft. Fusick doesn't sell the full jack assembly, therefore I purchased mine from OPGI since they were the only ones selling the complete jack and accessories. What I am wondering, from the factory, did the rubber sleeve fit loosely or snug? Or were there different size jack shafts? I am trying to make my jack and accessories as close to original as possible.Image titleImage title


The 68 Assembly manual doesn't show a boot for the lug wrench. In addition, you appear to have SSII wheels. With Rallye wheels the jack is stowed in clips mounted to the back of the trunk, not under the spare. It's shown in Section 10 Page 117

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