1970 Cutlass supreme firewall color????

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Just curious if anyone actually knows the correct color of the firewall for these cars. I own 3 supremes, 2 are blue and one is white, they are all original colors.

This is where it gets weird. One blue One has a black firewall, one has a factory blue color firewall same as the body, and the white one has a blue firewall that matches the other two blue bodies. I have build sheets on the cars and they are all original color combinations. Has anyone seen a car that had a blue firewall and it was a different original exterior color? If you scratch away at the paint there is no other color below the blue base coat. And if you take off the AC box sealer it’s blue there as well.

All three cars were built at the Fremont California plant as well. I’m restoring the white One and just want to know what the stinking color of the firewall should actually be.


Not sure why Fremont would have different color firewalls? I have a Lansing built 1970 Supreme and it's black and that should be that way for all A bodies. Only firewalls I have seen that were painted were custom cars.


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