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I don't know if it was because it was my first time doing it or if I just didn't have special tools, but that was a main pain in the ass getting those springs back. I had a rear drum that was really worn so I figured I'd go ahead and replace the brake shoe. Definitely looks better, and I learned a lot on how they all work, but that was definitely no cake walk. I'll bleed my brakes hopefully tomorrow and see if I did a good job. I took before pictures but was too tired to take after when it was all done :-/.


A set of drum baketools makes it really easy. I don't have a set and I know what you meanabout it being a PIA


Any plans for drum to disc brake conversion? They've been pretty popular on US spec oldsmobile models, you can check them out here:

CARiD wrote:

Any plans for drum to disc brake conversion?

Its got front disc and rear drums out of the factory and since the car has so many of the original options I'll probably just keep it that way.

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