1968 Oldsmobile 442 W30 - $63,000

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1968 Oldsmobile 442 W30

  • Year: 1968
  • Model: 442
  • Price: $63,000
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When GM corporate lifted their mandate, it opened the door for the muscle car from the rear distributor auto maker. 389’s, 396’s other 3’s were fit into GM mid-sized cars. Olds took the bold step to jump to 400 cubic’s, and turn said volume up to 11 with cams, heads, intake, and exhaust to create the Winner in a W-30 package. A Spinal Tap of power. Our fine ocean blue waves nothing but beauty and was once a show car at the Volo Auto Museum (Volo, IL) some eight years back. Located in Parker, CO the ocean is a mile down and this W-30 has a clear and clean title in our Owner’s name.

Clad in that aqueous Ocean Turquoise Blue, she just a thing of absolute beauty. A repaint was performed while a museum piece. Darn near flawless, she remains a stunning artwork, with reflective and near perfect chrome and brightwork. Balanced with era proper rally’s and white lettered radials, you do not lose her 60’s look and appeal. She is rust free, detailed and just a pleasure to the eye.

Not missing a beat, her tradition black vinyl brings subtleness and purity to the muscled car. Center console, correct shifter linkage gauges et al complete the interior. There is reported slight wear to the upholstery and door panels, still very fine and very original. Note, too, the originality of the steering wheel, cracks and all – for you are only original once. All operations of windows, climate control, lighting switches report as operating proper and correct.

The magic of the W comes to fruition under the hood and through the suspension. Powered by the aforementioned D-head is 400 cubic inched of displacement rendering an underrated 360 horses. Power runs to the M-21 manual and completes its passage to a Corp 12 bolt 3.91 posi third member. A complete rebuild of the motor and running gear, along with suspension components and mechanicals was performed while in Volo.

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