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Rare W27 Rear - $15,000

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Rare W27 Rear

Rare W27 Rear$14,000

Description: This is a once in a life time opportunity to buy a extremely rare Oldsmobile rear.

This is a W27 Rear 1 of 355 ever made. This rear has 3.91 gears. It is SZ stamped on the passenger axle tube. The rear timing cover was removed and rear inspected my a GM Certified Class... [Read more]

  • Post time: November 9th, 2017
    Year/Model: 1970/442 By: SellingW27Rear
    Ad views: 4,210
    Location: FairField, NJ
    Color: Aluminum
    Link: Full ad
    Post frequency: 3.1/month
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    11% between 48k and 60k

    14% over 48k

  • 8% from Illinois

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    6% from Michigan

    6% from Ohio

    72% from elsewhere

  • 21% from Red

    19% from Blue

    11% from Green

    10% from Black

    40% something else

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That's a great looking rear.

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