1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 4 speed - $89,500

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1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 4 speed

  • Year: 1970
  • Model: 442
  • Price: $89,500
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I am placing up for sale my 1970 442 w30 4 speed. I have on this car since 2008. It is a fully documented very rare 442 w30. what makes the car even more rare is that it is a Factory 4 speed car, absolutely no rust, absolutely never wrecked, and fully documented with receipts and registrations going back through three of the five owners the car has had. In 2017 I decided to finally paint this original car. The car was professionally stripped to bare metal, disassembled, any small imperfections were removed, and the vehicle was reassembled and painted to near perfection. If you view the car you will see it truly speaks for itself with over 800 hours put into the paint and body work alone. The car retains all of it original interior except for the headliner which was replaced with the correct legendary replacement headliner. The car also retains 95% of all of its original subcomponents, engine components, Driveline, stainless and more. All of the bright work was completely repolished, the wheels were restored to perfection, the underside of the car never had a spot of rust or scaling so all components were cleaned and reassembled, the vehicle even retains most of its original lighting, lenses and small incidental pieces. The car is truly beautiful and I have put just over two thousand miles on the motor that I completely rebuilt in 2008. The car still retains the original correct F code heads, Factory Aluminum Intake Manifold, open face alternator, Harrison radiator, original equipment Ram air intake, and I even went so far s to find a set of correct error Hedman headers. the car still retains the original correct f code heads, factory aluminum intake manifold, open face alternator, carburetor, Harrison radiator, original equipment Ram air intake, and I even went so far as to find a set of correct era Hedman Headers that were coated and installed with Gardner exhaust. U will this car is most rare due to the fact is has not"1", not "2", but "3" build sheets I found when I stripped the car for painting. This car is fast and pulls like a bullet train!!! When I rebuilt the engine on this car it was rebuilt to factory w30 specs. I did however take liberties to Port match the engine completely, clean up the heads, and bench flow everything prior to the motor being reassembled. It is truly amazing how much horsepower is found in these elephant engines just by doing the small things! I am happy to do discuss the car in any questions you may have. I am also open for possible trades as long as the vehicle is an automatic. I would consider a 1970 Rally Sport, a very nice IROC Camaro, a Corvette or something similar in partial trade.
One of the nicest original 442s I have seen in a long time....

The broadcast card says the car was originally Gold. minor detail I guess

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