1972 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible - $27,500

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1972 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible

  • Year: 1972
  • Model: 442
  • Price: $27,500
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1972 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible
(Real W29 442 Convertible, Not a Clone, Replica, Fake, Etc.)

Code 75 Matador Red
White Interior
Bucket Seats
Sport Wheel
Correct Louvered 442 Hood
442 Rear Bumper (Cutouts)
Ice Cold A/C

If you've been looking for a 442...you have a few options. While 1972 is the best looking year for a 442, it's also the most confusing. It seems everyone with a 1972 Cutlass "thinks" they have a 442. Well, that is simply not the case. A 1972 442 could be ordered with a single exhaust and a 350 2 BBL in 1972. This is why DOCUMENTED 1972 442's are hard to come by. If they have the W29 appearance package, and it's documented, well then you have a real 442.

Ok, enough with the history lesson! About my 442. This is a 2 owner 1972 K Code 442 Convertible, originally born with a 350 4 bbl engine, it now sports a nasty 455! Now, that aside, it pretty much looks like it did back in 1972.

It started out as a nice, southern rust free 442 Convertible. Well, the paint was a bit tired, so the car was taken apart and expertly painted in correct Matador Red, straight as an arrow, she shows fantastic. Then, the bumpers were a bit tired, so those were triple chrome plated. Then, even though the top looked great, with new paint it needed a new top, so a new top was installed. I guess then the car started looking so good that the interior looked a little tired. $5,000 in Legendary Interior (The best reproduction interior) later the interior looked new. $500 in trim here and there adds up.

So, after the car was cosmetically restored and looked brand new...it just didn't lay you back in your seat like it should, so a period correct 455 was installed, built to 1970 specs....rebuilt the trans while your at it...install a new radiator for the bigger motor...at that point well...the A/C needed to work so that was completely rebuilt ($3,500) ice cold R134A factory Air...

So, now we had a car that is cosmetically and mechanically restored, but thought was it didn't handle like it should, fast in a straight line but handled like a refrigerator with wheels. So, another $3,000 later the suspension was COMPLETELY rebuilt, from rag joint to tie rod end, shock to spring... Hotchkis front and rear sway bars were installed as well. Now she handles like she's on rails.

So now we have a car that runs like a top, looks fantastic, will lay you back in your seat, and actually handle reasonably...but...that darn original radio was terrible...but...it had to look original.

So, I had a 6 speaker Bluetooth setup designed and installed for the car...I don't mean I had some guys build some boxes...and there we go. I had acoustic monitors actually tune the sound system to match the quality in my home stereo...that was another $4,500.

Then...none too happy with how the car sounded, a exhaust system was custom bent for the car, sounds perfect...that Oldsmobile 455 ground pounding sound without the vibration or drone.

Then...after tens of thousands were spent.. wind noise at 75mph with the top up is not acceptable! Countless hours of window adjustment and now, we have a quiet car.

Every bulb, interior and exterior...works as it should...everything works the way it should.

So much money was spent on this car...its nuts!

Then, with nothing left to do...I bought another car and started playing with that.

My reason for selling. I sold my warehouse and have to thin out the herd. Someone will surely get a great car here! Look at my feedback, I've sold lots of cars from my collection! My only complainer was some guy who bought a convertible top boot from me and gave me the wrong delivery address...took a few days to rectify...then I get negative feedback? Eh well...you can't please everyone.

I am a collector, this is my personal car in my business name. There are no liens on the car. Payment via cash in person or wire transfer.

If you are from out of town and would like the car shipped, I can assist insofar as I have a brokerage account on Central Dispatch, and can get you this car faster than your wife can get her Amazon Prime order, at a wholesale cost too!

I've got way too much money in this car than I'll ever recover. I want this car to go to someone that will understand the time and money put into this car...by a Oldsmobile Collector. I know these cars better than most. It's always nice to buy something from someone that knows about what they are selling.
What huge pack of lies!!!!! The car has the lower rocker bright work of a supreme and b.s. moldings even though the salesmans book 1972 clearly states, that the bright work and b.s moldings were deleted on the W-29 package. Also has Oldsmobile script across the deck lid, again no 442 had that! In the ebay ad he shows a correct broadcast card with no proof of it matching the cowl tag

Even if its a Cutlass Supreme,its still a convertible. Whats it really worth?

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