1970 Convertible Cutlass Convertible - $13,500

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1970 Convertible Cutlass Convertible

  • Year: 1970
  • Model: Cutlass
  • Price: $13,500
  • Ad Link: Link
Ad Description
I am selling my 1970 Convertible Cutlass 350! Gold motor, paint job less than a year with painted on stripes and NEW quarters. Clean interior, and clean top! May accept trades! Asking price is $13,500 or best **reasonable** offer.
I actually really like the color, but I can't stand when people but narrow stripes on. They just don't seem to fit.

Exactamundo! Stripe color should stand out. But the ones on the rear are terrible. I would be concerned about prior rust issues with the supreme side mouldings missing and if my eyes are not fooling me the wheel well bright work is MIA.


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