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A lot of ppl here have shipped their cars back and forth. I'm at the bottom of the known world in the RGV of Texas, and a lot of vehs I see are in the NE. Suggestions on a reputable carrier? A broker that can look at a car and make the transaction? I'm 800 bucks to fly to a lot of places just to look, might be worthwhile to find a middleman to verify a good car 1st. I'll take all suggestions.



stay far away from Exodus II - FAR FAR away- any broker you do use make sure they don't use this guy- total freaking fool- took over a week to get our car from NC to NY- slipped and told me he lived in VA, picked up the car and "went home for a few days". Car showed up w/ a dead battery because he left it in the on position, didn't even have a jump pack- didn't know how to use MY jump pack- tried to overcharge us $100 in the end- showed him the email from the broker and he said Oh, ok.


I used Coast to Coast transport, vehicle was quotes as open transport, 1400 mile trip. $1100 , car came in on time an in the back of a close 40 foot trailer, as clean as it left the previous owners garage. Well worth a recommendation.

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