Newbie - looking for 75 Cutlass Supreme blue on white


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My first car was the above mentioned blue vinyl on white body Cutlass Supreme. I had it from 1982 until 1986, during college. Since I was broke and am mechanically inept, I did not take care of it. But it had soul and lasted me until I got my first real job and could afford to replace it.

Somebody from Warren, MI posted a blue-on-white a few years ago on here. It sounded like it was heavily modified for racing and was somewhat dissembled in the ad. The price was right, and I could probably take it to a guy I know that could get it running again.

I'm not the guy that has any drag racing stories to share or can offer any type of mechanical expertise. (I might be able to help you get your PC running again). But if you know of such a 4-barrel beast for sale, please let me know!

Thank you for your time today


From another IT guy who also likes Oldsmobiles, good luck on your search.

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