86 t top weatherstrip install - oy!

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I'll start by saying that I found a nice, clean 86 442 w/ 58,000 original miles. Very clean interior and undercarriage, was Ziebarted by original owner, nice car. Bought in Ohio and shipped to Texas for 10K.

OK, the task at hand... bought Steel Rubber Products door/ttop weatherstripping kit for $365 a set. I always do one side at a time on things, so if I have a brain fart I can go have a look. the 86 has 2 channels all around for the seal to set into... I removed the old, got in with a dremmel and wire brush and cleaned everything. Started install from the center of the roof out, ensuring I had the Steel product wedges inserted into the weatherstrip chases. All the holes lined up like a beauty!

And then, the window don'tclose/have gaps. Chit.

At the front and back corner is where a person NEEDS to start. Make a mark where the seal should sit in the corner for the window corners.

T Top area had no issues, nor the back of the door.

Front of the door along the windshield rail... this is where it really fell apart. If you install both wedged into the channels, the rubber "twists" out too far. By the look, if you set the "back" wedge into the channel, and let the forward rest on top of the channel, you would have proper alignment.

I butchered the 1st seal taking it out, so bad on me and out $300 bucks, but that's a cheap education. If anyone has done this before, I'd like to hear from you before I go into the 2nd round!

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