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I went ahead and added a new metric for users to build; their horsepower! You may notice that all post you didn't write now have "thumbs up / like" option in the bottom left of the post if you are signed in. If you think the post is a quality post, go ahead and give the posted "a horsepower".

The system keeps track of a users HP count and displays it near their post count. As the site grows, you will start being able to see who some of the more quality posters are.

Threads also keep track of the number of HP all their post have accumulated. I haven't really figured out where I'm going to display this value yet, but this will be very useful when I develop a search function for the forum. I'll be able to give higher priority to higher HP threads to make results more relevant.

This is another way to make all the content more in your hands. So go out there and give out some HP to those quality post!

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  • My code to prevent people from giving HP points to their own post actually blocked them from seeing the points count. Added code to fix this.

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