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My main goal for this site is to have a new and improved version up and running by 2017. In the past year I added a new boy to the family and changed jobs that is a little more time consuming that be previous one. Hopefully I can still make my goal. But the reason I'm posting about this is because I'd love to open the doors to any type feedback for this current site. I already have a list of things I want to improve on, but definitely want to allow you guys (the users) to let me know if there is any features you would like to be added or things you just don't like and would like to be changed. I can't promise I'll actually be able to do anything, but I can definitely see what I can do and let you know what is possible. I'd definitely like to see the forum continue to grow and be a place you enjoy coming to and can find useful.

So the sky is the limit! Just let me know. The worst I can do is say I can't do it. :-)


joffroi, I think the site is really great. The fact that you went out of your way to develop something that is neither snarky or inhibited is the part I like about this site. Keep on keepin on. You are the one who can determine what is best for your site, The rest of us are just coatailers.

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