1968-1972 Vista Cruisers and/or Cutlasses


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Hello, I live inArizona, and I love second generation (1968-1972)Oldsmobile Vista Cruisers!

If you have one that runs and you've beenwanting to sell it, I'd love to take a look!

My only requirementsare that itruns reliably and is located in the contiguousUnited States. (The closer to AZ, the better, but I'm not above going all the way to Maine and back for a car I really want.)

It doesn't need to look nice, I can take care of that myself.By looks, I mean the paint and relativelysmall scratches or dents. Nomajorly dented or missing bodypanels/parts, please. Even if it looks like this, I'll take it as long as it runs well.

Used Classic Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Cars on carscoms.com

I also like third generation (1968-1972) Oldsmobile Cutlasses, though not quite as much as their wagon variant!

Same requirements as aVista Cruiser. Preferably hardtop, not convertible.

(I'm only 17 years old as of the timethis was posted, but I've been saving money to get myself one of these Oldsmobiles for a while, because I've loved them almost all my life!)

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