85-87 442 springs?


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What rear springs were used in the 442s these years? I just picked up an 87 w/ 77k on it, rear air shocks were smoked so I replaced them with new gas units but the back is a bit saggy. I called Espo Springs and Things but they didn't have a listing for the 442 model or a heavy duty option.If I remember right the Monte SS and GN were a lot stiffer then their base models. Any suggestions?


Try Rock auto.com they are showing a variable and constant rate rear springs



I saw those, been to napa's website, and also called Espo Springs and Things. It wasn't hard to find part numbers for the other F41 chassis option cars (Monte Carlo SS, GN, GNX, T-Type) but none listed specificallyfor the Olds 442. From what I remember F41 packageincluded stiffer springs in all 4 corners.I know any G body spring will work. I'm still doing some research, it seems the Monte is a bit heavierand there are different part numbers, but the Buick Turbo cars seem to have a similar rear weight and Ive noticed their rear springs cross with 79 H/O rear springs part numbers, once I have a few hours I will look around some more.

Thanks !

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