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1967 442 Solid California car posted on 08/17/2017

1967 442 Solid California car

1967 442, 400/350 HP. turbo 400 automatic, power steering, power brakes, A/C,... [read more]

1,312 Views | 4 0
1970 442 W30 4 speed posted on 08/18/2017

1970 442 W30 4 speed

1970 442 W30...Rallye Red 4spd Hdtop...  fresh rebuilt non-orig... [read more]

1,205 Views | 2 1
1969 Olds 442 posted on 08/13/2017

1969 Olds 442

Nice solid car. Runs and drives... [read more]

453 Views | 0 1
1972 cutlass 442 posted on 08/15/2017

1972 cutlass 442

1972 442 77,323 original mile 350 motor 30 board over 4 speed car is quick very... [read more]

414 Views | 2 0


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About me

I was born in 1985. I am younger then most of the cars posted on this site. I'm married with 3 potential future gear heads. I graduated in 2008 with a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Missouri S&T (formaly known as University of Missouri: Rolla). I'm a self taught webdesigner and avid distance runner. Feel free to visit my linkedin profile for more about my profession background. I got bit by the Oldsmobile bug in 2009 and have let the obsession grow since then.

Under the hood

This is the third major update I've made to the site. It has definitely come a long way. It started off with me using publishing platforms to where it is now where I've coded everything from scratch with the exception of some open source plug ins. There are over 20,000 lines of code written in PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and javascript. Something not working? Just let me know. Feel free to also get in touch with me if you are intersted in web developement and want a few pointers.

The Staff

We really appreciate all the staff of OldsmobileCentral.com that make this site possible.

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All of you!

But seriously, we really want to thank you, our viewers. Its the reason I keep this site up and running.