Correct Dark Green Metallic Vinyl Dye for 1970 442 Coupe

Body & Interior

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I've had a tough time reproducing the correct look for the Rear Seat Interior Panels and Arm Rest Panels in my 70 442 Coupe.....I've tried several different Green Colors from several Companies, but can't seem to find the right Color to "match" my interior Door Panels, etc.:

I've tried Year One SVM25 "Dark Green".....Comes out a little lighter and more of a medium Olive Color

I've tried Year One SVM24 "Dark Green"....Closer and seems a darker green than the SVM25, but still looks a little light. It also has a bit of a metallic sheen to it. (It is actually a little darker than the photo shows for some reason....At an angle, the sheen is less and it looks much darker).

From previous suggestions, I went to a local Paint Store and they "mixed up" a Custom Dye for me....Didn't match...Ugh!!

- Also shown is a Photo of my Original Seat...Factory original 932 Green Color.

- The Photo of the Rear Seat Sail Panel with the "sheen" to it is the Year One SVM 24 Dark Green.

-The Photo showing 2 Rear Seat Sail Panels shows the Year One SVM24 Dark Green Paint on the Left .....and the Original OEM 932 Green Color on the "lower" portion of the Panel on the Right.

Does anyone know of an Interior Paint that is the same as the 932 Factory Color and where I can get it?



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