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Hello everyone:

My name is Carolina Gómez, I´m texting from South America (Chile). First of all, It’s a pleasure to find this Oldsmobile Forum, and I hope that you can help me. Me and my father are going to restore an Oldsmobile 1957 (we’re not pretty sure if it’s an 88 or 98 model) and as you know, these cars weren´t popular as other brands like Ford or Chevrolet, at least in Chile; on the other hand we don’t have any car’s factory so restoring this car is like a challenge for us, a beautiful challenge of course. After that short story, I have been searching on different webpages from USA for buying accessories and parts that we need to get and bring them to Chile but I haven’t found a right page or place for getting accessories. So according to this, I’ll appreciate that you can help me about my request of getting some place or some good webpage or factory that me and my father could contact for our challenge to restore this beautiful classic car.

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