Oldsmobile Cutlass

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1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass F851968 Oldsmobile Cutlass F851968 Oldsmobile Cutlass F851968 Oldsmobile Cutlass F851968 Oldsmobile Cutlass F851968 Oldsmobile Cutlass F851968 Oldsmobile Cutlass F851968 Oldsmobile Cutlass F85
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The shine on the Red paint can be seen for miles. Bright work front and back are in very good condition. The fit and finish is top-notch and will probably be that way for years without too much maintenance. Cooper Radial tires are on all 4 along with Old's Rally Wheels that have the Black painted centers. Oldsmobile really got it right with that touch because it makes the car look complete. IMHO.


This classic has been donned with a white bench seat interior with white door panels and white headliner. The contrast comes from the black carpet and black dash. The ease of driving consists of power steering, power brakes (4 drums), air conditioning, AM/FM Stereo with Mp3 plug, comfortable back seat and a 1 finger operation 3 spoke steering wheel. Overall the interior is way above the condition of similar cars of this time and is ready for your local car show in it's current state.


Oldsmobile again scored with the Rocket 350 that happens to be in this car. The Rocket engine was the bullet proof power that went into many of their automobiles and you can still see and hear them running in the survivors that still exist today. This particular NOM engine is era correct for the car with a Casting number of 395558 (1968-1974, 350ci). It has been freshly painted in true Oldsmobile Gold for the authentic look and that look is awesome. You can definitely hear a mild cam thing happening and it is quite a welcoming sound for those of us that like that part of the experience of muscle car ownership. The transmission is a 2 speed automatic that is paired with an appropriate 12 bolt rear end.

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