Oldsmobile Cutlass S

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1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass S1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass S
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This car has sentimental value for me as it belonged to a family member. 2 door sport coupe A body not pinch welded like the Nova or Chevelle so a heavy piece of American steel.

I threw a rod in 2007 and replaced the rocket 350 V8 with a 425 out of a 67 olds' 98 and I put in a larger radiator as well. High compression engine boasting 10.25:1(new). This car has torque for days and is a great cruiser. Flowmaster duel exhaust 2 1/4 40 series pipes.

2011 I replaced the 4 barrel Rochester Carb with a Uremco. I replaced the rear and front springs and had a professional replace the power drum front brakes with a disc break conversion kit and install a polygraphite front end kit to stiffen it up.

New battery, voltage regulator, belts and alternator. The TH350 Transmission was rebuilt recently with a sprag spring to shift into second and a shift kit.

She needs to be garage kept and I don't have one anymore. This winter water leaked into the interior and the rug is soaked. Odometer and speedometer gauge or cable is operating. The vinyl top is in good shape. front end a little off, few dents dings and rust, just makes her look mean. I like my cars like my ladies, a little older, little worse for wear and fast. :)

She needs a good home, and because of bad luck, health and other issues I can't take care of her anymore. This a is a great cruiser, and would make a sweet project car for anyone with the time tools and materials.

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