Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

May 04, 2019 @ 6:57 am euroman 500 views 7 pictures Lake Geneva, WI
1973 Cutlass Supreme1973 Cutlass Supreme1973 Cutlass Supreme1973 Cutlass Supreme1973 Cutlass Supreme1973 Cutlass Supreme1973 Cutlass Supreme
We’re sorry, but this has expired and is no longer for sale.

1973 Cutlass Supreme coupe, 67000 miles, 455 L77 V8 4 speed Muncie. 3J57V, yes its a V code.
Basically unmodified original car with window sticker to document options. Engine and transmission numbers match, Factory intake, iron, and Qjet carb, 253, topped with correct dual snorkel air cleaner. Very few options, car was built without comfort in mind.
Is is an original Wisconsin car, so it did have some rust, BUT VERY LITTLE. Floors and trunk are nice. There was some rust in front and behind rear wheels on both sides. Wheel lips are perfect. Even though the car never had a vinyl top, there was rust around the rear window. All rust was cut out and replaced with metal. Car needs to be painted, but the hard work is done.
I have much more information about condition and history of this car, but prefer to discuss on a one to one basis .

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