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1978 Cutlass Supreme w/455 V81978 Cutlass Supreme w/455 V81978 Cutlass Supreme w/455 V81978 Cutlass Supreme w/455 V81978 Cutlass Supreme w/455 V8
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Oldsmobile 455. This engine is a documented 1969 Olds Toronado engine rated at 375HP, 490 ft.lbs. of torque. It has new plugs and plug wires, the original 4BBL QuadraJet Carb that has been rebuilt and it's been tuned to run very well.

Turbo 350 with a shift kit installed for higher shift points. Everything shifts well during slow cruising and under hard acceleration.

The Car:
The car itself was originally a 260 V8 car. Is has roughly 120k miles on it. The only options this car was ordered with new was T-Tops and Power steering. . .no A/C. . .no power locks. According to Oldsmobile production records there were only 6000 cars out of the 250,000 made in this year with factory T-Tops. I have not been able to verify how many were made given the color of the car. I can say the color itself (med metallic green) is somewhat rare for this year.

The Bad:
Paint and Rust. The car as it sits is not a show car. It is currently in original paint state. . .meaning it is faded and has nicks all over it. There is rust showing in front of both rear wheels (paint has bubbled up), and I know the frame rails underneath the trunk (not over the wheel wells) are rusted but repairable. The top half of the dash board is in great shape, but the lower half has had attempted repairs to cover up what appears to be a radio theft at one time. The radiator, while it works fine is too wide for the car, and could probably stand to be replaced with one that fits a bit better between the mounts.

The Good:
The car is very dependable. It's been my daily driver for some time. It starts easy in both warm and cold weather, and to date I've never had any problems with it. The trunk, doors, front fenders, Vinyl Top, and frame around the T-Tops (which don't leak) are all very solid. The front floor pans were replaced at one time and are still very solid. The interior is in decent shape. Both front and back seats are in excellent condition. . .no rips. There are some plastic trim pieces inside that have been replaced and painted at some time to match the original color.

The best part about this car is that everything (some very hard to find parts) are there for someone wanting to restore. Glass and T-Tops all good, all of the chrome and trim is there, the SSII rally wheels (with caps)and brand new Cooper Cobra White letter tires, and. . .it's very, very drivable. The engine is rock solid and will surprise the heck out of anyone wanting to mess with you. If it's Horsepower and fun that you're looking for, believe me, this little car has it. The rebuilt engine alone is easily worth $1500-$2000. . .especially to Olds enthusiasts looking for a numbers matching engine for their 1969 Olds projects. That's why you don't see me advertising this car for the typical $2000. If you're not looking for a show car, drive it the way it is and have a ton of fun.

I originally purchased this car to restore over the winter for cruises and shows, but circumstances on my end forced me to turn it into my only daily driver. Being the the car is pretty light for the engine...I'm currently getting about 15-17mpg...not bad for this engine. I just need to sell so I can get me something with better gas mileage than this. Asking $3200 OBO. . .sorry,not interested in trades.

If interested, send me an email and cell phone if you want me to respond. I'll respond quickly and give you a call to arrange a viewing/test drive. Thanks

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