Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

October 19, 2019 @ 5:49 am anonymous 1,555 views 2 pictures Rapid city, SD
1987 4421987 442
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Miles are a little over 80k. A lot of my free time has been spent removing rust from chassis and underbody. Sad part I never really got to drive this car. The drivers floor panel has seen worse days. When I got it there was a big hole taking up the floor like the flintstones. A lot of time and energy has proved fruitful and the interior
going to be put back together today and tomorrow. Just . Needs back window and a ffront passenger bucket seat. And a steering wheel cover. I have some leathers from a different car I've been using to keep stress off the seats. I'm in the middle of painting now about to put my interior back in. This Used to be a t top now features a sunroof. Looking for someone eager to get an awesome vehicle for an awesome price. instead to keep the body drier . Too much time cleaning rust from salty roads building up. I dont have the time to work on this winter. Would be a great little project for anyone with patience and lots of money lol. I an familiar in a garage but dont have anywhere to keep this beauty through a snow season. Comparing to the parts for upkeep I think a man might find himself saving a dollar or two if he wanted to own this conservatively. I'm not here to find money but find the next right owner. I look forward to offers at( 442) 282 -7351

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