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This is way off-topic actually, I am in the midst of a mini-renovation in my house. I have already got the furniture fitted up in the other rooms but I don't seem to have any luck with the dining room furniture. My wife and I recently went to a dining room furniture store in ottawa and we had a disagreement on what kind of furniture to choose. My wife wants to get silver metal but I want white oak furniture. I feel like it would look more classier since we live in an old house. But I am not sure which would be more easier to maintain. Looking forward to your response guys.


I just saw that and wow, you were right about it being way off topic. I like it! Silver metal seems very contemporary and maybe a little to "surgical" feeling for me.


It's the hardest thing when you select furniture for your home, I am just recently shift in Florida with my husband, and we have buy some new furniture through Furngo coupons for dining room and kitchen also, but the selection was really hard, my husband always accepts my choice but after some time.

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