W30 in the shop

Chassis & Suspension

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I finally had some time (and money saved) to get my W30 a little safer for the roads. I've noticed that there was more play then I would have liked in the steering. When I was looking around I realized just about everything was ~50 years worn down. Being realistic with my time and mechanical skills, I need I was going to have to take it to a shop. Found a place close by that always have old cars so brought it there. They called and confirmed that just about everything on the front ended needed replacement. They'll be doing that and fixing a leaking master cylinder while its there. I've replaced master cylinders, bled brakes, etc so I thought about saving that but figured why not let them do everything at this point!

Looking forward to getting my ride back in about 5 days and I'm curious how much of the unsafe driving I got used too.


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Almost done.....

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