ram air hood and both fenders on 442 1971


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Hello! Looking for ram air hood and RH/LH fenders on 442 1971.

I see them in the catalogs (for ex in CarID) - but I can not find metal hood (only plastic one) and I think OEM fenders are more interesting for me, than modern copies.


Hi Pekarr,

Pat here from Classic Olds forum. We have to use Oldsmobile terms. The hood is referred to as forced air induction Ram air is Pontiac lingo. Anyways finding an original metal backed fiberglass hood is hard to find. Thorton industries makes the best quality reproduction fiberglass hoods. $2500.00 US dollars. Fenders with the ripples (crumple) are 1971 and 72 correct. They can be found used in fixable condition here in the U.S.



As Pat said, it seems like the ram air hoods you are going to get what you pay for. I've heard people have success (but also horror stories) from the ~$800 repo ones but only good things from the Thorton.


I recently talked to Thornton's, and they are out of stock on the OAI hoods, said they are building new molds, and it will be 9 months to a year before they begin making new ones.

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