Oldsmobile 442

May 13, 2014 @ 5:23 pm web source 5,831 views 1 picture Springfield, MS
1968 Olds 442 Convertable
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This car is a rare opportunity to purchase a rare 60's muscle car. Every thing has been replaced or upgraded since I bought this car is 1995. The top is new, the entire brake system has been changed from drum brakes to Disc, the ignition system has been changed to HEI, the factory A/C has been changed over to new Freon 134A and it works fine. The car runs better now than it did when it was new. This car does not leak any oil or fluids. All of the #'s match. The paint is GOOD, the tires and rally wheels are very good. I am at the age that driving this type of car is no longer fun for me and I need the space in my garage for another car. Only serious buyers need to apply by email only, You will not find another car like this, especially for what I am asking

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12% under 8k

23% between 16k and 24k

25% between 24k and 32k

27% between 32k and 40k

13% over 32k

* These values are based off the 310 1968 442s that have been posted on this site.

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