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1970 442 matching numbers & solid1970 442 matching numbers & solid1970 442 matching numbers & solid1970 442 matching numbers & solid1970 442 matching numbers & solid1970 442 matching numbers & solid1970 442 matching numbers & solid1970 442 matching numbers & solid1970 442 matching numbers & solid1970 442 matching numbers & solid1970 442 matching numbers & solid1970 442 matching numbers & solid1970 442 matching numbers & solid1970 442 matching numbers & solid1970 442 matching numbers & solid1970 442 matching numbers & solid
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Very clean original 70 442 with built up matching number 455, Turbo 400 'OG' code & 3.23 'SF' code posi rear. Partial VIN stamp match confirmed on both the engine block & transmission case. Original large valve 'E' heads with new stainless valves & hardened seats installed at time of rebuild for unleaded fuel use. Engine also has performance cam, roller rockers, forged pistons, race prepped rods & crank, full balance & blueprint, necessary oil system upgrades plus large capacity pump & pan, head port clean up, etc, Stock original exhaust manifolds. Also has hi-energy ignition installed in the stock original part # distributor. Transmission was built with heavy duty clutches, pump, shift kit and 2200 stall convertor, which is very street friendly but will bang hard shifts at full throttle.

Black exterior with excellent original pearl white bench seat interior. A good used factory 442 W-25 ram air hood was added several years ago by previous owner, it is NOT a reproduction hood. all other body panels are original to the car. Very, very solid, dry western body & frame. I've been all through it and it is truly rock solid. The floor pans are perfect, trunk pan is as well, and it's the original factory applied trunk spatter-paint The quarters are excellent and totally rot free with just a small amount of filler on the right side, from a dent- not a crash. The doors are perfect and shut beautifully, it's great all around the front & rear glass, the dash cowl area is perfectly clean, original front fenders that are also great, but do need attention at the lower heels like most all do. No rust in the tail panel or in the trunk lid either. It was repainted about 20 years ago so it is showing age/wear but still very presentable, just isn't a show car, rather a clean cruiser for nice days and local cruise-in attention getter. Sounds awesome with a pair of Flowmaster super 40 mufflers. The bumpers and all of the exterior trim is original, no reproduction stuff and it's all in good shape for it's age, which coincides with the overall unrestored condition of the car. As far as interior, only the carpet was replaced and some aftermarket gauges and cd player were added under the dash, so no cutting/hacking of the dash which is in beautiful original condition. About $7000 was spent on rebuilding the original engine/trans to far better than W30 specs and the work was done by an Olds engine specialist so it is done correctly with all optimum clearances, etc. It runs extremely well & is very fast. Have engine paperwork & dyno sheets for proof. Dyno'd at 440 horsepower and a little over 500 ft/lbs of torque. Previous owner had car for at least 15 years & I bought it from him '08. I love this car and it is an absolute joy to drive, great performance, handles well, tight and solid feeling on the road and gets thumbs up everywhere.

Optioned with 14x7 SS1 wheels, front disc brakes plus aftermarket rear discs from Stainless Steel Brakes Co, pwr steering, sport mirrors, sport steering wheel & tilt steering column in addition to options listed above (hood, posi). Also included with sale are stock iron intake, air cleaner, valve covers & rear drum brake setup, plus booster & master cylinder if new owner would like to convert all back to stock appearance under the hood. It could use a new set of tires at this point as the ones on it are old and past their intended lifespan. I tossed the Edelbrock carb that was on it and built a nice 70 Olds 455 Qjet for it, re-jetted, fuel wells epoxy sealed, throttle shaft bushed, etc, which made it run so much better, it is not the original part # carb however.

For what it's worth, this happens to be one of the very first 442's built at the Fremont plant for the 1970 model year and has an August 69 build date, very low VIN number.

I'm willing to help with shipping plans but new owner must make initial shipping arrangements and pay shipper of their choosing. The car will not leave my possession until it is paid for in FULL. I have clear WA state title in my name. I have owned several 442's over many years time and this is one of the best all around cars I've had, whoever buys this one will be very happy. Sorry, but not interested in trades and the price is firm. Thanks for reading the entire ad.

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